Soil Workshop

The first workshop on soil indicators in LCA was held in Bordeaux in August 2015 and gathered around 35 soil and LCA experts.
The main outcome of the workshop was to combine efforts to further the development of inventory and impact assessment methods associated with soil function.


We are pleased to confirm that the 2nd Soil Quality Workshop will be held in conjunction with the LCAFood2016 conference in Dublin this year and will take place in Dublin on the 18 October 2016 from 9am to 5pm (the day before the Conference commences), and is being organised in conjunction with the LCAFood2016 Committee.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to advance the development of inventory and impact assessment methods associated with soil function; it will give a forum for presenting and discussing recent advances, including research initiated from the Bordeaux workshop; and it will bring together a community of practice allowing in-depth discussion of how to approach inventory development that interfaces well with impact assessment for soil function.

The Soil workshop will also complement the program at LCAFood2016 which has a strong focus on soil processes and land use. We look forward to you joining us, further details of the program will be circulated in the coming months. In the meantime please mark the date in your diary and fill in the following form if you would like to attend, as the workshop will be limited to 35 participants:

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Pesticide Workshop

Global consensus on estimating pesticide emission fractions for LCA – Stakeholder Workshop on 18-Oct, 8am-2pm back-to-back with LCA Food 2016 including joint session with 2nd Soil Quality workshop.


A practical challenge in LCA for comparing the application of pesticides in different agricultural contexts and practices is to quantify the amount emitted to the different environmental media, while only the amount applied to the field is known. Three expert workshops (2013, Glasgow, 2014, Basel, and 2015, Bordeaux) were organized involving more than 70 specialists representing industry, government, and academia from 24 countries and 5 continents. Consensual recommendations were reached on a consistent accounting of emissions and impact assessment (Rosenbaum et al., 2015 - attached), and the steps required to ultimately provide a set of emission fractions for use in LCA (will be distributed separately).

Final steps and Stakeholder Workshop

After implementing, testing and fully documenting all consensus-based solutions, recommended pesticide emission fractions will be made available for inclusion in current LCI databases and all results and methods published open access in peer-reviewed journals. Results will be presented and disseminated to strive for broad acceptance at a dedicated Stakeholder Workshop back-to-back with the LCA Food 2016 conference in Dublin. Objective of the workshop will be to seek for broad stakeholder acceptance and agreement on recommended default agricultural pesticide emission fractions to environmental media in LCA. The target is the feasibility to implement these pesticide fractions along with associated data requirements into LCI databases. The Stakeholder Workshop is limited to 60 participants. Consensus effort documentation and results will be circulated to all registered participants prior to the workshop.


Registration via email to Peter Fantke (
Registration deadline: 30-September-2016.

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Practical information

When: 18-October-2016, 8am – 2pm
Where: University College Dublin, Ireland, room to be defined by LCA Food 2016 organizers
Costs: Free of charge for all workshop participants