Wednesday 19th October


Registration with Coffee and Networking Time


Welcome Address: Nicholas Holden, Conference Host,

Orla Feely, UCD Vice President for Research, Innovation and Impact

Imke de Boer, Professor of Animal Production Systems, Wargeningen UR.


Policy Keynote: Origin Green: LCA in action in Ireland / Padraig Brennan

Chair: Nicholas Holden

O’Reilly Hall


Industry Keynote: Nestles Experience of knowledge transfer / Urs Schenker

Chair: Nicholas Holden

O’Reilly Hall


Scientific Keynotye: UNEP Sustainable Food Systems report /John Ingram

Chair: Nicholas Holden

O’Reilly Hall


Lunch, Poster Viewing and Workshops O’Reilly Hall


Barilla Industry Workshop “Innovation through LCA.

From the Double Pyramid to the sustainable production of durum wheat”/ Luca Ruini

O’Reilly Hall


Industry Keynote: Implementing Sustainable Agriculture - a role for gamification? / Markus Frank

Chair: Thomas Oldfield

O’Reilly Hall


Industry Keynote: Unlocking the Value of Metrics / Emmanuelle Aoustin Chair: Thomas Oldfield O’Reilly Hall


Poster Presentation Session (Poster Groups 1 - 4) and Coffee Break O’Reilly Hall


1. Water and Eutrophication

Chairs: Brad Ridoutt,

Hayo van Der Werf

O’Reilly Hall

2. Dairy production

Chairs: Imke de Boer,

Donal O’Brien

George Moore Theatre

3. Crops and fruits

Chairs: Assumpció Anton,

Claudine Basset Mens

Elan Theatre

4. Methods and data (1)

Chairs: Laurence Shalloo,

Stewart Ledgard

O’Reilly Hall Robing Room


15. Global water scarcity resulting from Swiss food consumption

Laura Scherer

213. Spatial variation of secondary PM2.5 exposure and health impact from milk production

Katerina Stylianou

24. South African maize production: mitigating environmental impacts through solar powered irrigation

Matthias Stucki

234. Methods comparison between aggregation of environmental Life Cycle Assessment results by midpoint characterization results associated with the fuzzy logic vs. Endpoint characterization method results; Application to vineyard plots.

Sandra Beauchet


102. Application of Environmental Impact models for water scarcity to a European basket of food products

Valentina Castellani

228. Evaluation based on data quality of allocation methods for calculation of carbon footprint of grass-based dairy production

Paul Rice

259. An evaluation of energy use within organic farming systems

Pietro Goglio

249. LCA and Risk Assessment of Alternative Phosphorous Fertilisers

Stefan Hörtenhuber


235. The WULCA consensus for water scarcity footprints: Assessing impacts of water consumption based on human and ecosystem demands

Anne-Marie Boulay

21. Ayrshire vs. Holstein: Environmental impact of South African milk from two breeds

Lea Eymann

292. Life Cycle Assessment of Thai Organic Rice Farming to Support Policy Decision on Area Expansion

Rattanawan Mungkung

260. A Participatory Life Cycle-Based Sustainability Study On Using Unmanaged Land for Mānuka Oil Production On the East Coast of New Zealand

Sarah McLaren


13. Addressing the water use of a medium-sized wine company: the case of Portuguese ‘vinho verde

Paula Quinteiro

307. LIFE CARBON DAIRY, the milk carbon footprint of French dairy farms

Jean-Baptiste Dolle

89. Assessing methods to attribute soil greenhouse gas emissions to a crop in life cycle assessment of cropping systems

Pietro Goglio

67. A methodological framework to assess potential contributions to sustainable transformation of food

Ulrike Eberle


165. Evaluating the suitability of three water scarcity footprint methods: case study for the Spanish dairy industry

Saioa Ramos

265. The effect of field drainage on productivity and environmental impact of grass based dairy production systems

Pooja Sharma

206. Life-Cycle Assessment of Table Grape Production in Eastern Austria - A Case Study of Three Small Organic Vineyards

Gerhard Piringer

161. Exposure to chemicals in food packaging as a sustainability trade-off in LCA

Alexi Ernstoff


183. E.T.: An operational field water and salt flows model for agricultural LCA illustrated on a Moroccan Mandarin

Sandra Payen

112. Allocation choices strongly affect technology evaluation in dairy processing

Roel Helmes

236. Including product multicriteria quality in life cycle assessment, application to grape

Christel Renaud-Gentié

170. One size does not fit all - toward farm-specific GHG mitigation options in agriculture through evaluating variability at multiple levels

Monika Zehetmeier


86. LCA of a 4-year switchgrass crop in Eastern Spain

Neus Escobar Lanzuela

73. The impact of subclinical ketosis in dairy cows on greenhouse gas emissions of milk production

Pim Mostert

133. Using Acoustic Diversity in Life Cycle Assessment of Agriculture: Case Studies of Palm Oil Production in Indonesia

Kiyotada Hayashi

156. Understanding regional & country-specific differences in environmental impacts of production systems using a globally consistent modelling approach

Christian Schader


224. An Aquaponics Life Cycle Assessment: Evaluating an Innovative Method for Growing High Quality Produce and Protein

Rebecca Hollmann

215. Use of process-based models to quantify life cycle nutrient flows and greenhouse gas impacts of milk production: influence of beneficial management practices and climate change scenarios

Olivier Jolliet

176. Combined Nutritional and Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Fruits and Vegetables

Katerina Stylianou

162. Better datasets based on best existing data: introducing deontological rules for Life Cycle Inventory phase with local partners in Southern countries.

Yannick Biard


Poster Viewing

O’ Reilly Hall


Welcome Reception

O’ Reilly Hall